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Trans-Oceanic Aircraft Reception

My original post to the group was on 8/13/2017 but
only just made it through yesterday. This is being 
posted on 8/26/2017.
= =
This is in response to those who had questions
and maybe more than people want to know.
Listening to transoceanic aircraft has been an 
interest of mine since at least the 70s but I am
certainly no expert, still learning.
HF aero comms aren’t always terribly interesting in 
terms of message content, plus there is a certain amount 
of terminology to learn to understand what is being said, 
but one can also DX the transoceanic aircraft frequencies.  
The DX is out there but the sunspot cycle being what it is
right now, makes it harder.
Yes, there are aircraft on HF still.  I worry that someday
it will go away like most of the shortwave broadcast
stations in English have gone away.  
First, I live in Northern California so what I hear here
may differ from what others receive in other parts of
the country (or other countries).
Probably it goes without saying but aircraft communications
in the VHF band (118-137 MHz) is only line of sight so
is not useful for aircraft more than a couple hundred miles
from the coast.  That’s where HF comes in with its skip 
= = =
If you simply want to jump to the frequencies,
go here:


 Atlantic / Caribbean:
This is nicely done graphically but dated 2010:
Date on this one unknown:
This one looks pretty good and is easy to read:


It is a 37 page PDF file.  If interested in propagation
these is good info starting on Page 27 but I’m sure it’s
already known to some here.
Besides the air traffic control frequencies, there is
LDOC (Long Distance Operational Control).  These can
be quite interesting at times but don’t talk a lot.
Most communications deal with aircraft problems and
passenger or crew medical problems.  They often use
phone patches to accesses ground resources for info
and assistance.
The post from hffreek lists a neat variety of HF aircraft 
frequencies.  Since I am also in NorCal, I will try ones
not familiar to me.
I guess I have gone on long enough.
Iden - K6JHQ